Timing Belt


Gates Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of power transmission belts and a premier global manufacturer of fluid power products. Our highly engineered products are critical components used in diverse industrial and automotive applications where the cost of failure is very high relative to the cost of our products.
Gates has the total synchronous belt drive solution for your demanding applications: Poly Chain® GT® Carbon for high performance and life cycle value in high-torque drive applications and PowerGrip® GT®3 for high-speed, high-horsepower drives and applications requiringo accurate synchronization.

Some of the key product ranges are:
1. Twin Power® Double- sided synchronous belt :
  • a. Ensures high load capacity on contra rotating drives, smooth running and high flexibility
  • b. Available with classical trapezoidal and also with the unique GT tooth profile.
  • c. Twin Power® is available in PowerGrip® GT2 *MGT and 14MGT, HTD® 3M,5M,8M,S8M,14M and PowerGrip® XL, L and H pitches
  • d. Twin power can transmit upto 100% of its maximum rated load from either side of the belt; alternatively, it can transmit a load on both sides - provided the sum of the loads does not exceed the maximum capacity
2. PowerGrip® GT® Synchronous Belt with Substantially Increased Power Rating :
  • a. Higher Capacity : Twice HD
  • b. Power Rating
  • c. Long Trouble Free Service
  • d. Smaller Compact Design
  • e. Runs on HTD Pulleys
  • f. Lowest cost drive system for high speed applications
  • g. Longest life, width for width
  • h. More belt and spocket combinations to chose from
  • i. Easier installations and removal
3. Polychain® GT® Carbon Polyurethane Synchronous Belt :
  • a. Suited for high torque, low speed drives
  • b. Powerful synchronous belt in the market
  • c. Providing a maintenance- free, energy saving and environment friendly operation offering and excellent alternative to roller chanin drives and gear
  • d. The carbon fibre reinforcement provides high strength and length stability with improved shock load and fatigue resistance, while reducing stretch and increasing flexibility
  • e. The special modified curvilinear tooth profile improves stress distribution and allows higher overall loading
  • f. Virtual constant belt tension over belt life
  • g. Available in 8MGT and 14 MGT range


Contitech A G, A division of Continental AG is the world's largest specialist for rubber and plastics technology in the non-tyre rubber sector. The company is one of the first three leading players in its product category in India and enjoys strong goodwill with its clientele
We provide belts in wide range - Timing Belts, HTD Belts, STD Belts, Variable Speed Belts, CXP Syncroforce HTD Belts, CXA Syncroforce HTD Belts, Extreme Syncroforce HTD Belts, Synchrochain Heavy Duty Belts


Carlisle Companies Incorporated is a global diversified company that designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of products that serve a broad range of niche markets including commercial roofing, energy, agriculture, mining, construction, aerospace and defence electronics, medical technology, foodservice, healthcare, sanitary maintenance, transportation, general industrial, protective coating, wood, specialty and auto refinishing.


Bando India is the Indian sales, marketing and manufacturing subsidiary of Bando Chemical Industries. Bando Chemical Industries, with 17 plants in 15 countries, is headquartered in Kobe, Japan and for more than 100 years has been pioneering technologies and development of all types of power transmission products.


SWR has over 65 years's experience in manufacturing of rubber V - belts and conveyors at ISO certified production facilities with latest production lines from Germany. SWR India offer the widest range of belting accessories and other related items of world class Quality for mechanical power transmission at competitive prices with assurance of Service with Reliability thereby providing unmatched value for money.


Ashutosh Power TransBelts Limited is the Promoter Company of the APT GROUP, which is engaged in the Manufacture, Supply and Export of Industrial Power Transmission Belts & Pulleys. Originally founded in 1983 by Mr. Deenbandhu Reengusia as a Firm in the name of Ashutosh Texmach Manufacturers, his vision and efforts quickly led to the formation of the APT Group comprising of companies & Firms engaged in providing professional services to the Industries in various sectors. By 1990, the Group had nearly 5 fully operational divisions providing services to different sectors of the Industry.

Variator Belts

Good Year

Goodyear Variable Speed belts deliver the speed and horsepower the drives on your equipment were designed to achieve. Excellent transverse rigidity and exceptional flexibility prevent buckling at minimum diameter settings where belt stresses are greatest. Firm gripping action in the contact area provides positive traction for precise, immediate response. Together, they assure reliable, predictable transmission of maximum power over the drive's full operating range.
And top performance also means that you get longer life from Goodyear Variable Speed belts. That translates to less downtime for belt maintenance and more productivity from your equipment, which leads to greater operating economy by any measure.


Application: For use on variable speed sheave drives requiring exact speed control and maximum range of speed changes. Ideal for recreational equipment, agricultural applications, and machine tools.

  • Exercise Equipment
  • Automobiles
  • Medical Equipment
  • Power Equipment
  • Farm Equipment
  • Machine Tools

Speciality Lubricants

Carl Bechem Lubricant

Carl Bechem Lubricants (India) Pvt. Ltd. is part of Carl Bechem Germany, One of the Pioneers in specialty lubricants with over 170 years standing. With a presence in over 35 countries customers are from a wide spectrum of industries across Sectors.

Understanding the critical and demanding lubrication requirements of textile industry, BECHEM has developed specialty lubrication solutions for applications in the processes of Spinning, Weaving and Processing:

  • • For Spinning - Carding Machine, Comber draw frame, Speed frame, Ringframe, Autoconer, TFO, OE Spinning machine
  • • For Weaving - Woven label looms, Warping, Sizing, Looms, Knitting
  • • For Processing - Singeing, Mercerising, Stenter, Dyeing Machine

BECHEM regularly conducts inhouse technical seminars and lubrication audits for customers with the intention of sharing knowledge on the importance of lubrication performance and its relation to cost savings. Its lubricant range offers several benefits such as increased relubrication interval, reduced downtime, improved maintenance schedules, less involvement of manpower and reduced lubrication cost.
Some of the key products are :

For Drawframe Top Roll End Bushes:
BECHEM Berulub KR EP Tex 2 The synthetic low temperature and high speed lubricant with low internal friction is recommended to lubricate plain and roller bearings that are subjected to low temperature and high circumferential speeds. With a temperature range of -50°C to + 120°C, BECHEM Berulub KR EP Tex 2 is recommended to lubricate small-sized, miniature or high precision bearings.
In the textile industry, apart from the 'Draw frame end bush bearings', Berulub KR EP Tex 2 is also recommended for, TFO Pot bearings, Autoconer drum shaft bearings, Autoconer wet splicer kit and O.E spinning rotor bearings

For Ringframe Arbor Bearing:
BECHEM Berulub FB 38 is a heavy duty long life grease for lubrication of plain and roller bearings that are exposed to severe operating conditions, extreme temperatures, high loads, corrosion, vibrations and outdoor conditions.
The specialty lubricant does not form any residue even after prolonged use and is recommended for 'Ring frame arbor bearings' in the textile industry.

BECHEM Berutox M21 EPK is specially developed multipurpose grease design for lubrication of equipments and mechanisms that are subjected to corrosive environments, high temperatures and heavy as well as shock loads. Berutox M21 EPK exhibits good adhesive property on bearing surfaces and prevents water or dust particle deposition on mechanisms.

For Ringframe Bottom Fluted Roller:
BECHEM Highlub Textile Super is high performance multipurpose grease with solid lubricants to prevent metal-to-metal contact in the area of mixed and boundary friction. BECHEM Highlub Textile Super has excellent load bearing ability and limits wear. In the textile industry, Highlub Textile Super is recommended for Needle roller bearing of bottom-fluted roll, Draw frame end bush, Sensor roll bearing, Ring frame jockey pulley, Tin roll shaft and telescopic bearing

BECHEM Beruplex LI EP 2 is an ideal lubricant for extreme environmental conditions such as humidity, aggressive atmosphere and water exposure. This specially developed lubricant is recommended for application on wheel and pressure bearings, electric motors, generators etc.

For Gear Oil for High Speed Combers:
BECHEM Berusynth GP 150 is high performance synthetic gear and circulation oil with EP additives for gearboxes running under high mechanical or thermal loads. Possessing excellent oxidation stability and shear resistance, extended oil changing intervals can be achieved with BECHEM Berusynth GP 150. This synthetic lubricant with high viscosity index is recommended for spur, conical and worm gears used in textile mills, winches, cranes and conveyors. With wide service temperature range, Berusynth GP 150 can be used in gear boxes and circulation systems that operate continuously in temperatures above 100°C as well as mechanisms that operate in freezing conditions. Also, Berusynth GP 150 does not react with mineral oil resistant seal material or machine paints. The product is recommended for application in textile industry in Comber headstock gearbox as well as Dobby gearbox of loom. 'BECHEM Berusynth GP 150' is approved by 'M/s. LMW' for high speed motors.

For Ringframe Spindles:
BECHEM Beruspin Highgrade 10 is an ultra refined oil with low viscosity best suited for easy flow and slow decomposition. Beruspin Highgrade 10 exhibits excellent oxidation resistance giving it extended service life of one year plus to users. Beruspin Highgrade 10 also possesses corrosion inhibitors for bearing protection, anti-wear additives for wear protection and minimum residue formation.
The product is recommended for high speed machine elements in textile applications, especially on spinning and twister spindles. BECHEM Beruspin Highgrade 10' has been approved and recommended by 'M/s. Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd.' for high-speed spindles.

Kyodo Yushi Co. Ltd.
Carl Bechem is exclusively marketing the products or Kyodo Yushi Co. Ltd. in India. Kyodo Yushi Co. Ltd. is one of the leading specialty lubricants manufacturer in Japan. Their product range has a wide acceptance in industry. Kyodo Multemp PS No 2 is a special performance grease developed for high speed precision bearings. It provides excellent lubrication to high speed bearings due to a combination of low viscous mineral and synthetic oil. Ensures minimum residue formation due to high quality base oil (15cSgt @40oC).

Spray and oil


Tribocor Technologies (P) Ltd. is a pioneer manufacturer of Specialty Lubricants, Maintenance Products, Corrosion Protection Products and Specialty Coatings. From its inception, Tribocor has progressed by meeting every challenge effectively and giving customer satisfaction the highest priority.
Some of the product categories are:

  • 1. Aerosols
  • 2. Greases
  • 3. Pastes
  • 4. Oils
  • 5. Fluids

Tubes and Bobbins

Moksha Thermoplastics

Moksha stands for innovative products of the highest possible quality standards an assurance for extensive know-how and top quality.
1. Rigorous Steam - Conditioning Perforated & Non - Perforated Tubes, Cones & Cheeses upto 140°C.
2. Preparatory, Simplex & Rubbing Frame Bobbins for all makes for roving frames.
3. Perforated Cones and Cheese for Yarn Dyeing upto 140°C.
4. Precision Ring Spinning tubes for Manual and Auto Doffer Machines upto 25000 rpm.
5. Cones and Cheeses for Open End and Jet Spinning, Twisting, Winding and Texturising Machines
6. One use Cones and Cheeses - Rigid, Compressible "Axiflex" Axially flexible and Compressible "Radiflex" Radially flexible
7. Multiple use Cones and Chesses - Special Non tinting Polymer Alloy Biconical EM-press Cones and Dyeing Spacers